How To Choose The Right Plus Size Jeans (with Real Life Examples)

For plus size women, it is not easy to find the perfect fit jeans to accentuate the body shape. Some people have certain issues to look at while shopping for jeans.

Due to eczema , I prefer something with loose cutting”

Loose Plus Size Jeans

For people with skin issues, wearing tight clothes will irritate the skin. It is recommended to wear straight cut or wide leg jeans. With more room, it makes it more comfortable. Please make sure the jeans fit the largest part of your legs. To create a flattering look, be bold in pairing with tops and heels.

My 4’ 9” height really bothers me while shopping”

Embroidery Plus Size jeans

Believe it or not, straight cut and wide leg jeans can lengthen your legs virtually. You can style it with something slim fitting on top. Be it tucked in or short tops. To give an elongating effect, you can wear it with high heels and make sure the jeans almost touch the ground and your shoes barely show.

Wearing slim fit jeans with heels will give you an extra height illusion. Other than that, you can try jeans with embroidery or beads at the bottom as it gives less attention to the hips and thigh area.

I have an imbalanced body ratio, what cutting should I choose?”

Slim Fit Plus Size Jeans

If you have a triangle body shape, try pairing slim fit jeans with a peplum top. Loose tops will improve your silhouette. Try to choose a darker bottom to pair with light color tops as it makes your bottom look slimmer. For inverted triangle shape, you can choose wide leg jeans as it balances out the wider top area.

It is not easy for me to wear jeans as I have a body with pear shape”


With the right top and shoe pairing, boot cut jeans can look fantastic on curvier figures. Make sure you do not put anything inside the pockets as that will add an extra size at the thigh area. Since this cutting is tight at the hips area, it is recommended to go for a size bigger than your actual size.

I cannot wear my jeans for a long time. My body keeps changing in size”


You can try jeans made of stretchable denim also known as Spandex. This material is flexible and gives more comfort than regular jeans. If you have not tried this material yet, you should give it a try. It gives you a totally different feeling.

In Short

No matter what size you wear, it is hard to find a right fit pair. You have to do trial and error with different cuttings and find what you like best. As long as you can find the perfect matching tops and footwear, your outfit will look fashionable. Most important thing in choosing an outfit is to be confident in what you are wearing and love your body shape.

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