Website Launching 2018! Lets Start Your Engine!

A New Starts, A New Website!

HELLO WORLD! Our new website launch will be one of the biggest marks on our calendar.

Although as I am writing this right now, our website is still in construction.

But, we are quite positive that we can make it happened within few weeks (or few days).

We have been actively operating the business in the Instagram apps.

Although the apps is a very good tool, it has few cons as well.

As new ages came and the internet is our way, we try our best to keep up with others and to accommodate our customers with more intuitive and ways to interact with us.

This is our initiative to get closer to our customers, and to provide a tool that hopefully can fulfil all of your needs.

Our aim is to provide the best experience and platform for our customers to get our products will most ease and user friendly website.

We promise you, online shopping will never be this great!

New Payment System

Coming along with our website, is a new adopted payment system for us.

Previously, our customer only able to do online banking and cash deposit as payment method.

As our new website is in the pipeline, we are also registering ourselves to SenangPay which as the name suggest, will make us able to accepts major credit and debit cards and FPX online banking such as maybank2u, cimbclicks etc.

Keep on following our blog and stay tuned for more updates.


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